Did Tyga just slip up and PROVE Keeping Up With the Kardashians is fake?



Rob Kardashian left his family reeling with the news he is planning to wed Blac Chyna.

In the latest episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the family’s fallout was laid bare as sisters Kim and Khloe fumed about being left in the dark.

But it was comments from Kylie Jenner’s other half Tyga that may have been the most telling.

In a scene filmed on April 5, according to the Keeping Up With the Kontinuity Errors blog, Tyga mentions how strange it would be that if Blac had a son, it would be the only child in the family to have the Kardashian name.

However, it wasn’t until a month later that Rob and Blac revealed she was pregnant.

Speculation is that either Kylie Jenner’s other half is psychic, or the group knew about Blac’s pregnancy before the engagement.

Elsewhere in the episode Tyga came to Rob’s defence when the famous family find out about his bombshell engagement.

It all happened during a family ski trip in Vail, Colorado, when the rest of the klan were left to learn about the news via social media.

As they sit around the dinner table the rapper asks them what they’re going to do.

“There’s nothing you can do,” he says, in answer to his own question. “The best thing to do is sit back and just let them be. Everything you’re going through, like, I’ve been through worse with her, you know?”

And when Kim says she understands that Blac must have been hurt after Kylie got with him, Tyga insists: “She’s not a bad person.”

But that doesn’t stop Kim from continuing to rant about Rob: “He must legitimately hate our whole family. Everyone’s calling us and asking us if it’s true and it’s kind of embarrassing for us not to know. It just seems so not like him.

“Of course do whatever you want – do what makes you happy – but just keep everyone in the loop.”

While Khloe adds: “Tyga did have a relationship with Chyna so I do appreciate his input but he needs to understand where we’re coming from as well. Rob, even after the fact, hasn’t said anything to us.”

She continues: “There’s no loyalty or family unity with him. It’s just bizarre. He’s the weak link of the bunch and needs to be cut.

“I hate that other people know more about our family than we know. As long as we know, we can be a united front but if we don’t know then there’s cracks in the foundation and everything is going to go to sh**t. Caitlyn did it and now Rob’s doing it.”