EU referendum live: Sir James Dyson backs leave campaign

Sir James Dyson

Sir James Dyson

Various key articles about the referendum campaign were published on Friday. Read these:

In the Guardian: First-time buyers will find it harder to get on the property ladder if Britain votes to leave the EU, a group of 17 the UK’s biggest housebuilders has claimed.

They said that “a vote to leave will create considerable uncertainty for Britain”, meaning that “investment will suffer as confidence in the economy waves”, making it harder for house-builders to raise the funds to undertake new development. They also argued that the supply chain, which employs “millions of people across the UK”, would be damaged, with a vote to leave disrupting the production and import of materials like bricks.

In the Telegraph: “Panicked” Remain camp plans to “take out Boris” as opinion polls swing in Brexit campaign’s favour. Growing alarm has led to a marked change in strategy, with the campaign to keep Britain in the EU now orchestrating a series of highly personal attacks on Boris Johnson, one of the leaders of the Leave campaign.

In the Independent: Not only did the survey of 2,000 people by ORB gave the Brexit campaign a 10-point lead over the Remain camp, it found that when considering how to vote a third of people think mass immigration is a far more important factor than the effect on the economy – which has been the focus of the official Vote Leave campaign.

In the Financial Times: Volatility in currency markets intensified and the pound came under renewed selling pressure following the Indy/ORB poll.

In the Daily Mail: More than 436,000 extra voters signed up for a vote in the EU referendum after David Cameron reopened registration. More than half of the late sign-ups were aged under 35, fueling accusations that the PM tried to “rig the referendum”, as polls show younger voters are more likely to vote for Britain to stay in the EU.