Iraqi army battles to open road to Mosul


Mosul Operation

Mosul Operation

The battle to liberate the villages south of Mosul continues as the Iraqi army and federal police forces co-ordinate to open a road to the Islamic State group’s (IS) stronghold in Iraq. FRANCE 24 followed one of the Iraqi units south of the city.

It’s 7am at Qarraya military base in northern Iraq, and a convoy is headling for the frontline. The men’s mission is to liberate two villages and advance 6 km towards Iraq’s second city.

The column stops in the last village before IS-group held territory. The soldiers are tense, the area was recaptured the day before and it isn’t safe.

General Haydar Yousseff, Head of the Rapid Response Unit of the Federal Police, says he expects “to run into some heavy resistance. There are over 150 Daesh fighters in the area that we are attacking. We’re expecting car bombs and mines.”