Peshmerga Brigadier General Barzani discusses Iraq’s Mosul offensive

Major General Sirwan Barzani

Major General Sirwan Barzani

Kurdish Peshmerga Brigadier General Sirwan Barzani talked to FRANCE 24 about the offensive on the Iraqi city of Mosul as the battle entered its second day on Tuesday.

Barzani said the offensive had got off to a quick start. “Our timeline was 12 hours, but the Peshmerga just liberated nine villages in seven hours,” he said regarding progress made on Monday.

The brigadier general discussed the challenges posed by the Islamic State (IS) group’s tunnels and suicide attackers. He also broached Peshmerga co-operation with the Iraqi army, which he described as “very smooth, very helpful”.

Barzani also discussed the future of Mosul – what will happen when the city is retaken and no longer governed by the IS group.