Surveillance video confirms Berlin attacker fled to Italy via Lyon

Berlin Truck Attack

Berlin Truck Attack

Surveillance footage confirms that Anis Amri, the suspected Berlin truck attacker gunned down by Italian police, transited through the French city of Lyon by train, a source close to the investigation said on Monday.

“A man corresponding to the killer was spotted on the afternoon of Thursday, December 22, on a platform at the (Lyon-Part-Dieu) station wearing a cap and backpack,” the source said, confirming earlier media reports. “He appears alone in these images.”

The source said investigators are still trying to determine how Amri, 24, was able to leave the German capital and pass through France, eventually winding up in Italy.

He was the focus of a four-day Europe-wide manhunt before being shot dead by police in Milan after firing at officers.

Tracking Amri and the path of the truck was thought to have been complicated by the relative scarcity of security cameras in public places in Germany. Europe’s lack of border controls also posed challenges to apprehending him.

The Berlin rampage was claimed by the Islamic State group, which released a video on Friday in which Amri is shown pledging allegiance to its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

German authorities are investigating whether Amri had help or accomplices, either before or after the attack. Hundreds of investigators are set to work on the case throughout the holiday season.

The attack happened late on December 19, when a 25-tonne truck belonging to a Polish freight company smashed into the wooden huts of one of Berlin’s Christmas markets, killing 12 people and injuring about 48 others.

The Polish driver of the hijacked truck was found shot dead in the cabin of the vehicle.

The pre-Christmas carnage at a symbolic Berlin site – under the ruined spire of a church bombed during World War II – shocked Germans and prompted security reviews across Europe, already on high alert after attacks this year in Belgium and France.