Travellers face disruptions as Air France cabin crew launch strike

Air France

Air France

Air France cabin crew launched a week-long strike Wednesday, forcing the French national carrier to make adjustments during the height of the summer season.

For more information on the strike, visit the Air France website by clicking here.

Two trade unions representing Air France air hosts and hostesses delivered a notice last week to launch a strike from July 27 to August 2 after talks failed to bring a compromise on labour accord rules, pay and promotions.

In a statement released Tuesday, Air France officials said the airline would provide 92 percent of its long-haul flights, 90 percent of domestic flights and more than 80 percent of its medium-haul flights on the first day of the strike.

Air France estimated that 37 percent of its cabin crew staff will be joining the strike, but the unions put the figure at between 55 percent and 70 percent.

The UNSA-PNC and SNPNC unions, which together account for 45 percent of the company’s flight attendant staff, are protesting a labour contract that comes into force on November 1, 2016.

Air France officials have slammed the terms and timing of the latest strike. “It is extremely disproportionate,” said Air France CEO Frédéric Gagey. “A strike at this time… is extremely shocking.”

The airline said most of its long-haul flights will not be affected, but the disruptions could be “more pronounced” on short- and medium-haul flights operated by Air France.