Video: Last days of Colombia’s FARC guerilla movement



Colombia’s president and the leader of the FARC rebel movement are set to sign a peace deal Monday, ending 52 years of conflict. FRANCE 24 visited one of the group’s rebel camps in the jungle to meet a French fighter preparing to lay down her arms.

President Santos and the Marxist rebel leader Timochenko will use a pen made from a bullet to sign the historic agreement, ending a half-century war that killed a quarter of a million people and made their nation a byword for violence.

After four years of negotiations in Havana, Santos, 65, and Timochenko, a nom de guerre for 57-year-old revolutionary Rodrigo Londono, will shake hands on Colombian soil for the first time.

The agreement will turn the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) into a political party.

FRANCE 24 visited a FARC rebel camp in the Chos jungle where they attended one of the guerillas’ last military training sessions. They also met “Nathalie Mistral”, a Frenchwoman originally from Montpellier, who is a commander in the movement. She explained what’s next for the rebels.