Video: Cuba moves into the Internet age

Cuba Guys Internet

Cuba Guys Internet

Internet access in Cuba, the least connected country in the Americas, remains severely restricted in the wake of the lifting of the US embargo. The government is now taking steps to try and get the country online.

A year ago, the state telecom company, ETECSA, launched Wi-Fi in public parks throughout the country, turning them into Internet hotspots.

One young man, Kalim, remembered connecting for the first time. “It was incredible, because I was able to connect with friends and family, and also search for information online.”

But the Internet remains prohibitively expensive in many areas, such as Havana’s Miramar district.

“We earn $15 per month and the connection costs $2 per hour,” one woman told FRANCE 24.

“The less well-off can’t connect. You need to have family abroad who tops up your account,” explained another.